The Great Migration South

It is my hope to blog the journey of the castaway Weger clan from the green forest and mountains of Washington to the arid plains of Texas. The night was spent in eager anticipation of the migration. This meant insomnia for Christi and myself. It meant near panic from Brynley.  Unfortunately the movers packed up "Light Bear" and " the rain sound" and the bedroom looked a little scary.  This was remedied with my laptop playing Cars and Jack the Giraffe on over watch.  All went well till the movie ended which, of course, led to the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  After the third time through, Brynleooky decided to return many of the blueberries she and her sister had inhaled while sneaking out to the bush.  This was done in a projectile fashion onto the best carpet in the house.  So much for the deposit. :-/.   The inspection is today while we are still moving out (cringe).  I am eagerly awaiting clearance and completion of outprocessing this morning.  I pray it goes as smoothly as possible